Reasons Why Your Under Counter Ice Maker is Not Working Properly

If you own an ice maker machine chances are that it has had malfunction problems at one point or the other. If not, it might malfunction sooner than you think. More often than not, there is no solid explanation as to why your under counter ice maker is not working properly. However, there are a number of things that play a part in the whole process and can be the cause of the malfunction. Here is a list of tips to help you identify what might be the possible reasons or the problems your machine might be facing and help you get it to do its usual task.

The Ice Machine Settings are off
Human error plays a role in most of your home appliances including your ice making machine’s ability to perform. Some machines are programmed to make ice on a particular schedule. If your ice maker is set to go on rest or sleep mode for a particular period of time, it is likely that you will forget to adjust the settings back to normal mode. Such machines can have their settings adjusted and perform like normal in no time.

Your Machine May Be Disconnected From The Power Supply
Most times you might panic that your machine is not working to a point you start listing the possible under counter ice maker repair companies you know. This can be a nerve wracking experience especially if you have checked every possible cause and you are certain that your machine doesn’t have any problems. Check to see if the power cable is plugged in.

More often than not, someone can trip over the cord cutting the power supply thus causing the ice machine not to make ice. You might have even unplugged it yourself during a power outage or someone with malicious intent might have purposely done it. If you discover that your power supply cable was unplugged just plug it back in and your ice machine will get back to working.

Inadequate Clearance
Almost every ice machine needs at least six inches of clearance in order to have optimum ice making mechanism. Lack of proper operating room inhibits the maximum air needed to keep the condenser cool. The condenser ought to be cool because if not, your machine’s ice making power will fail. You should always keep watch to ensure the minimum clearance recommended is met so as to get the most out of your ice machine.

These are the more simpler reasons that might cause your under counter ice maker not to work properly.

However, if you have failed to determine whether the reasons can be fixed, you may need to call your local repair person to check the machine out for you. In some cases, the cost of repair can cost you close to the equivalent amount of buying a new one. If this is the case, you may want to weigh your options or consider buying a new ice machine all together.

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