How To Protect Your Stove And Prevent Frequent Stove Repair

Having a fully functional stove is the dream of every homeowner. This appliance happens to be the pearl of the kitchen and is responsible for all those lovely home-cooked meals that we love so dearly. It is therefore of great importance that we take care of this appliance for it to serve us well and even prevent frequent visits to the stove repairman. Here are some of the ways to ensure you protect your stove and prevent frequent stove repair.

Proper cleaning ways
Keeping your stove clean is a sure way of ensuring your stove is fully functional. If you are going to make a sauce or any type of food that is bound to splatter, a useful tip might be to cover up the oven with foil. This helps it not to be messy. After you are done cooking it will be advisable to wait a while for the foil to cool before disposing it.

Another useful tip is to clean spills immediately as they happen. This will help maintain a clean stove and it will help it function well. However, it is advisable that you wait a while for the oven to cool down before cleaning the spills. Proper cleaning will protect your stove and prevent frequent stove repair.

Check the burner
An important component of the stove is the gas burner. It is the source of energy used in the basic operations of the stove. Ensuring it is fully functional and not faulty is a great way of maintaining your stove. The normal flame is usually blue and if you happen to notice that the flame is orange it is about time you cleaned up. Take out the burners and soak them in water that is filled with soap and scrub them. Clean the jet pipes using a needle or even a paper clip and you can use a fine wire to clean the tiny holes. All these will ensure that you protect your stove and prevent frequent stove repair.

Storage of heavy items
It is important that your stove is in top-shape and this means it should avoid all sorts of damage be it physical or mechanical. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you don’t store heavy items directly above your stove. This is because in the event any of these items falls on the stove it will damage the stove due to their intense weight. They will most likely damage the surface of your stove and its appearance becomes distorted.

Maintain the rangehood
It is important for you to regularly check the range-hood on a monthly basis. While at it be sure to clean the grease filters either by hand or machine wash. If you are going to use a dishwasher use the top-rack of the dishwasher. It should be noted that not all stoves grease filters can be cleaned so be sure to first check the instruction manual before actually doing anything. This will ensure that you protect your stove and do away with recurrent stove repair.

It is important to have a well functioning stove and this is achieved by maintaining it well and keeping it clean.  A clean stove is a well-functioning stove.

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