Doing Microwave Repair To Fix Common Issues

Microwaves are a very huge manifestation of man’s creativity and ingenuity.  The microwave oven is a very important electronic appliance in any kitchen, and any malfunction should be well taken care of. Microwave repair is very essential if your microwave is not functioning the right way. In many instances, one is able to quickly and cheaply fix the problem by themselves. What you need is an ohmmeter, which is available at several hardware stores. You may also require a notebook for the purpose recording the process so that you are able to recall where each screw goes. As usual, ensure that your source of power is switched off before you begin the process. If you feel you can’t handle it, don’t hesitate to contact a repair person.

Before handling a microwave repair
During microwave repair, it is very important to discharge the capacitor before touching the internal parts. The capacitor is what usually stores extra voltage and can cause electric shock even when unplugged. In order to safely discharge the capacitor, you will need a wire wound resistor, a screwdriver and jumper wires that have alligator clips on the ends. The other wire should be clipped to one of the terminals of the capacitor. Then, use the tip of the screwdriver to touch the other terminal. You will notice a small spark. If your capacitor is one with three terminals, repeat the process with the middle terminal.

If your microwave cooks unevenly or slowly
If your oven cooks unusually slowly, then you may require a microwave repair. In such instances, check your voltage at the main outlet that supplies power. If this voltage is less than 115 volts, you may have an issue with your electrical breaker or service. Another probable cause is a faulty turntable motor. To check this, remove the microwave’s bottom grill by turning it in a way that it faces the top. Ensure the VOM is set at RX1, and next, have one lead removed from the motor terminals, then probe the terminals. If you read infinity, then you may need to replace the motor. The waveguide and magnetron could also be the cause of such a problem, but these should be taken care of professionally.

When your microwave is running but not cooking
With such an issue, look at the thermal cutoffs of the magnetron and oven. The two disc shaped devices connected by a wire are the thermal cutoffs. First, with the VOM set at RX1, remove a lead and probe the terminals and see if you have a zero reading. If this is not the case, then you probably need a replacement. You will have to check both the thermal cutoffs to be sure. If they are fine, look at the diode and capacitor. You may also have an issue with the transformer or magnetron, but such problems have to be serviced by a professional.

These are the simplest and cheapest forms of microwave repair. There are other issues that may need to be addressed by a professional for safety purposes. You can look at your microwave’s specific make and model number you are looking to replace.

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