Reasons You Need a Cook Top Repair

Having a broken cook top can be very stressful especially when you require to have them repaired immediately. Any cook top repair has to be done proficiently to avoid any future malfunctions. Repairing an oven, range or stove may seem to be a huge task, but many people have learned how easy it can be every day. You may need to understand exactly how your cook top works in order to maintain it at an optimal state even after repair. The first step to a successful appliance repair is a full diagnosis of the actual problem.

Glass cook top
Having a glass cook top has very convenient benefits. For example, issues like food burning on the surface of the glass cook top are close to nonexistent. However, glass cook tops still have their own drawbacks. They do not function properly when combined with certain types of cookware; they damage them in a number of ways.

Scratching is a very common occurrence in glass cook tops. The scratches can be very deep to a point of impossible repair. However, if the scratches are only minimal, they can easily be buffed out. A paste of water and baking soda can be used to smoothe out the scratches or you can use a metal polishing cream. If you choose to use the paste, rub it directly onto the surface softly in a circular motion. If this is not helping, discontinue this process as too much buffing makes the surface appear dull and the scratch could be too deep to repair. Avoid anything abrasive on your cook top as you will only end up adding to the scratches.

Cracks and chips
Your cook top can easily chip or crack whenever you drop something on it. Cracked glass tops should not be used as they are at the risk of electric shock. The only way to have a successful glass cook top repair in this case is if you have the glass replaced. The procedure of replacing the glass depends on individual cook tops. At times, the glass can be held tight by screws at the cook top’s front then the glass is easily lifted out. Other times, the brackets have to be removed from below the cook top then lifted out to expose the glass underneath. In both cases, ensure that the power is switched off for safety purposes.

Cook tops may sometimes cease to heat properly. If your cook top has a problem heating, then the issue may be a faulty source of power. In such instances, you need to test your switches by first disconnecting the main power then pulling the wires that connect the switch to the faulty unit. Next, use an ohmmeter to test the wires. This will tell you whether there is continuity in the switch, or whether the electricity is flowing properly.

If there is no continuity, it’s clear that the unit needs replacement and if it does have continuity, it is highly probable that the switch is at fault. Overheating also results from a faulty switch. A cook top repair is essentially very important to take care of in good time.

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